Uh-Huh Sure

Unexpected Visitor

Su, you are not allowed to keep sulking in my spare bedroom. If you don't stop it, I'm going to invite Fred over and give him permission to do anything he pleases.

Three Years Later

Thank Merlin that's over. I don't think the rug could take any more of Fred's pacing; I don't even want to imagine what his apartment looks like. There's a reason I haven't been over there recently. ... Maybe I should have gone over last weekend, though, and helped Fred clean up. George couldn't have come home to a very clean place, the way Fred's been stressing lately. Oh dear. I hope it wasn't too terrible. Perhaps I should drop by and force Fred to clean the place up a bit. I haven't seen George yet, anyway; I didn't want to intrude on a family affair.

Oh, dear, I suppose it's been ages since most of you have heard from me; I always did tend to treat this more as a place to ramble out my thoughts than as a communication device. Obviously, I made it through everything just fine, though my older brother didn't. I'm keeping accounts for Fred and George's shop now, which Fred really ought to be exceedingly grateful for, because he's horrendous with figures. I swear, I don't know how they kept from going broke before I began doing the figures. Sheer bloody determination, most likely; that does seem to be how the Weasley twins have always kept going.

Su, by the way, you left your nightshirt here last time you crashed. Haven't you missed it?

Studying Blues

Ugh, I'm so sick of books I could puke. I am sick of studying, and if anyone throws that 'that's pretty impressive for a Ravenclaw' crap at me, I am going to hex them. Quite possibly with the nastiest hex I can think of. I am not touching a single book this weekend. I don't think I've done anything fun in months. I completely ignored New Year's, Valentine's Day, even my own birthday!

Su, I'm demanding we do something pointless and silly and girly this weekend. I don't care if it's in your nature or not.


This is not a good Christmas. My parents and brother have been bugging me non-stop about what happened at the party, and while they know I injured myself (though the sprain's mostly healed), I can't tell them much more. How do you tell your parents that your boyfriend, who you haven't told them about and is older than you, is unconscious from the attack? Eitan's come closer to guessing than they have, but he saw me meet Fred a few times over the summer, before we dated...

I just wish he'd wake up.
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Something's Wrong

Madame Pomfrey made me leave the hospital wing. She said I had to go get some sleep, and I wasn't doing it at the hospital wing. She also said the sprained ankle wasn't a good enough excuse to stay.

What happened? No one's telling me anything, and Fred and George won't wake up, and Millicent's only talking to Slytherins, and it was so dark.... Dumbledore's forbidden me to say anything about Death Eaters until they're sure if it was or not. But there was only one...

Lavender, I don't know if your dress will be okay. I'm sorry...
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This party might be a good thing. Especially since I believe a few alumni will be coming... To chaperone, of course. You will be spending some time alone with me, right, Fred?

Terry's pretty excited about it; he spends every spare minute in the common room going over plans for it. I'm looking forward to it myself, actually. It's going to be hard to decide what to wear...

Listen to me, I sound like such a girl.

Flower Overflow, Part 2

Fred, are you going to do this every time I get a little irritated? I hate to think of what you'll do if we ever have a real fight.

At least there aren't so many this time. Lavender, would you like some flowers to decorate for Padma and Parvati's birthday party? I'd simply give some to them, but regifting isn't nice.
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I didn't do too well on my last test for Charms, so now I have to spend time studying. Lots and lots of time studying.

Someone shoot me please.

Flower Overflow

Anyone with an allergy problem would be well-advised to stay away from the Ravenclaw female dormitories. Or the common room, really. (Sorry, Terry, but your medication has you knocked out right now anyway, right?) It is overflowing with flowers, courtesy of one hex-induced Fred Weasley, and further complicated by next day's apologetic Fred Weasley.

Fred, really, no more flowers! They're lovely, but what am I going to do with all of these? Not to mention how are you ever going to pay the florist's bill? If I forgive you will you stop?

If anyone wants some flowers to spruce up their own areas, let me know. Or maybe there's something medicinal about one of these types and I could donate them.
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First Hogsmeade weekend of the year, and what happens? I get the living daylights scared out of me by one Fred Weasley, who happens to show up and literally jump out at me out of nowhere.

Everyone else was busy this weekend (which, by the way Padma, you have to tell me how all of that went) so it turned out to be a lucky break for me. Not that I mind the bookshop, but it is nice to get out and actually do something on these rare weekends. We had a rather interesting discussion on what constituted feminine colors. I was imagining that he was watching me, wasn't I? I didn't manage to convince him to tell me just what the business was that brought him there, though.

There's a great little cafe hidden away that serves a wonderful chai tea; I don't think I'd ever noticed it before. And I'm doing everything I can to avoid saying I had a marvelous time, aren't I? So, how did things go for everyone else?